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Lauren Breland is a force. She’s a fierce advocate for human rights, educator and facilitator, engaging motivational speaker, poet, former U.S. Peace Corps Volunteer, and believer in the ability of all humans to transform their lives for the better. Born a communicator, she possesses the innate power and skills to inspire, teach, and relate to people from different walks of life. She is in tune with the nuances of human behavior and knows how to navigate through challenging situations and conversations necessary for growth and development. With over 25 years in the human services field, she has worked with children to senior citizens on a wide range of projects and programs. Her focus has always been validating a person’s worth and helping them build a viable future.

Through her service in the U.S. Peace Corps (stationed in Pherm Poon Sap, Thailand; 2014-2017), her primary assignment was youth development and teaching life skills. Supported in part from First Lady Michelle Obama’s initiative ‘Let Girls Learn,’ Lauren developed a 5-day life skills camp, which covered leadership, health and hygiene, sex education, and the dangers of drug use. In order to meet program goals, she extended her time in Thailand by a year. Due to her dedication, the village now has a functioning Youth Council, which continues to cultivate leaders who assist adults in developing activities for Pherm Poon Sap’s Youth Health League. As a testament to her diligence, exceptional work ethic, and unwavering commitment to the Thai community and U.S. Peace Corps, she was awarded the prestigious John F. Kennedy Service Award (2016). Awarded every five years, the John F. Kennedy Service Award recognizes two current U.S. Peace Corps Volunteers and staff members for contributions beyond their duties to the agency and the nation. Lauren also received the National Association of Housing & Redevelopment Award of Merit for Innovative Programming for her work with Annapolis Housing Authority on the Effective Black Parenting Program. Additionally, through her work with Anne Arundel County Public Schools she partnered with various human services agencies and schools in the following areas: career development, civil rights, community development/outreach, education, foster care, mentoring, project management and program consultation.  

Her calling in life is to help people and that has been the driving force behind her personal and professional work. She is willing to go the extra mile—or 8,000—and has the ability to make a lasting impact on people’s lives through hands-on help, poetry, workshops, and speeches. Wherever she goes, she carries this life mantra with her: Toward Forward… because it’s the only direction you should ever look.


Rak Mak Mai (Much Love)!

“Ms. Breland is personable and is committed to improving lives through her hard work and dedication. Her ability to individually engage each student to meet their needs surpasses anyone that I have ever worked with in my career. It was an honor to work with her then and now a privilege to consider her a friend.”

— Antoinette Jones-Perrin, LCSW

"Her enthusiasm and commitment to helping people achieve their God-given potential is inspirational. Being in Lauren's presence, for me, is to experience joy and motivation to step up my own game for being a source of hope and transformation in this world. I encourage people to contact Lauren and let her be a force in your life. You too may feel blessed afterwards."

— C. Vicki Gold, PT, MA
Owner, President
Thera-Fitness, Inc.

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