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Why I Write 

Fear demanded from my voice

Gives me no other choice

To reach those constantly in hiding

Seeking to learn about fighting


I create scribes

To convey with vibes

Touching a learning heart

Believing we were worlds apart


My passion is an action

Moving in constant fashion

Dutiful to writing decrees

Righting people from knees


I must document my flavor

So eyes may savor

What the rest of the senses

Must first test for defenses


I write

Cuz I like to see

All the thoughts

Inside of me

Dare I Say?

One can oft get weary
Of watching what one says
In fear of constant query
Provoked not to speak for days

I pity those seeking their words to satisfy
The eyes and ears of another
When their words are set to justify
Their existence beyond father and mother

Silly and full of innocence
Eyes wide and greedy for a bestow
Shrinking back in reluctance
From speaking of all they know

Wonder why you still feel cheated
Even when speaking and writing in a flow
You’ve only given sight and sound
A piece, and not all of your soul

Say what is on your mind
Write all that is your heart
And one day you will find
The sensation of being smart





The pleasure your ears will treasure, while your mind stretches on measure. Whether you are using Lauren to stimulate you into action by day or stimulate your mind by night is all up to you.

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"Ms. Proper has always been a knowledgeable voice of reason. Whether mentoring her clan of adopted sons or the world's brown faces on her peace missions. Her voice on a poet's

 stage has the familiarity of warm bonfires in the welcoming autumn." 

— Delmar Obaji

"Miss Breland brings out the maximum potential in all of the students that she has worked with."

— Vincent Dockett

Former Student

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